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Five elements in three phases


This is all about martial arts yoga

MYMOVES is a holistic on-beat concept with the potential to promote personal and physical development. Physical flexibility, concentration and coordination skills are trained in equal measure.

Varied and with a great fun factor, our workout is divided into three phases – which are reflected by the elements. Air and space are representing the first phase, the mobility phase. The elements water and fire embody our second phase, the endurance phase. The third phase, the elasticity phase, is associated with the elements earth and water. Under guidance, this movement program exhausts and develops one´s own range of motion and individual abilities.






Mobility phase

Based on the elements space and air the mobility phase is about creating more mobility in your body – especially more range of motion in your joints.
Breathing exercises lead to the attention being directed inward. Flowing movements are used for joint mobilization. The body and the mind are prepared for the following phases. Softness in the tissue and lightness in this movement  simultaneously have an activating influence.

Endurance phase

The endurance phase, is based on the elements water and fire. We are going to leave our comfort zone through explosive movements – movements which are a mixture of martial arts and yoga.
During this phase we will cultivate inner strength. Kick and punch sequences are alternated between slow controlled and explosive movements. This phase is an intense interval workout combined with static alignment of selected positions.

Elasticity phase

This phase is based on the elements water and earth. During the elasticity part we are holding the positions statically to give the body and mind a chance to calm down and find the breath again. Grounding Elasticity exercises allow the tissues to return to their original form and prepare the practitioner for the final meditation. Both meditation and rest are essential components and allow the workout to become holistic.

Music is a part of every breath

Music is the key

It’s not seperated or trivial. We broke down every sequence, counted beats and designed the music.
This sound is a perfect match with the movement in every MYMOVES SESSION. It’s our masterpiece.

MYMOVES is a holistic movement concept. It distinguishes itself not only through its distinctive movement sequences, but also through the audio concept specially designed for it. In cooperation with a renowned music production company, the music of MYMOVES was designed to create an interaction between movement and music. The focus is on adapting the music to the individual phases in such a way that the participant gets the feeling that the music introduces, accompanies and ends the movement. This concept builds in recurring auditory elements to create a sense of familiarity. This feeling creates the basis of the meditative character within the movement concept of MYMOVES.


Alexey Gaevskij

Be honest with yourself 

Who is Alexey Gaevskij

Founder Alexey Gaevskij has been practicing taekwondo since childhood. He has many years of competition as well as teaching experience and holds the 5th Dan. But his passion also belongs to yoga. He has been teaching yoga for about 15 years now and he is a renowned yoga teacher in Europe and Asia, constantly expanding his knowledge of anatomy and therapy.

He leads advanced trainings, personal trainings, workshops and retreats. As a senior teacher at Inside Yoga Studio, he is part of the permanent team of trainers and instructors at Inside Acadamy, which conducts yoga trainings worldwide, and has since trained and assisted many people in rehabilitation processes. And likewise he lead internal trainings as a master trainer of the international sports school Lyong Ho where Alexey is part of the technical commission. His passion for martial arts and yoga are an integral part of his life and led him to the idea of combining them in a holistic training concept through MYMOVES – thus this novel movement concept was born.

Let’s do this.

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