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Become a MYMOVES instructors and support your students in unleashing their inner warrior. Learn more about this holistic training concept that combines dynamic martial arts movements with the grounding postures of yoga.

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Unleash your inner warrior

Welcome to our Instructor Courses. MYMOVES offers professional instructor training. Learn more about this holistic movement concept that combines the dynamic and explosive movements of martial arts with the gentle and grounding postures of yoga. A perfect complement of yoga, fitness and martial arts.

The movement program aims at body mastery, focus and the cultivation of an inner and outer balance. Through harmoniously coordinated exercises, MYMOVES is a holistic, goal-oriented on-beat concept with the potential to promote personal and physical development. Physical flexibility, concentration and coordination skills are trained in equal measure and is aimed at all instructors with a valid trainer license who want to expand their teaching portfolio. Our MYMOVES instructor System has different levels. Each level grants you access to new teaching opportunities. Start your journey now!

Instructor course level 1

MYMOVES level1

  5 days training to become an instructor

  • MYMOVES basics
  • Martial arts and yoga lab
  • On-Beat teaching
  • Science of the elements
  • Science behind breathwork

This level 1 course is your first level in our instructor system and the beginning of your teaching carrier. No matter what your movement background is, this workout concept is for all instructors with a valid trainers license who want to expand the variety of their classes. Within these 5 days you will learn everything about our philosophy and what it means to teach MYMOVES.
Are you ready to become a level 1 instructor and to expand your teaching portfolio?

Instructor course level 2

MYMOVES level2

  5 days training to level up your teaching skills

This 5 Days Training is your second Level within our Instructor System. Are you ready to deepen your teaching skills and become an advanced MYMOVES Instructor? During these days we will work on improving your teaching and performance skills within the intermediate Martial Arts and Yoga Lab. This is your way to level up the practice of your students through a wider range of Martial Arts and Yoga techniques and assisting skills.

  • Assists in motion
  • Intermediate martial arts lab
  • Intermediate yoga lab
  • Upgrading teaching skills
  • Presence and performance
  • Science behind meditation

Instructor course level 3

MYMOVES level3

  5 days training to master your knowledge

  • Mastering MYMOVES
  • Leading a workshop
  • Become a MYMOVES mentor
  • Advanced labs

During these 5 days Training course you reach the highest Level of our Instructor System. Are you ready to master your teaching and performance skills? Are you ready to lead your own MYMOVES Workshop? This Training Course is what you need than – get ready for 5 days of mentoring to deepen your knowledge about how to guide your participants through a workshop and who to share your knowledge on a high level.


What you get

This is what you get on your instructor journey


We provide you a full support of any kind. Reach out to us and we will guide you on your path to be a successful MYMOVES instructor.


Instructor access to our Community Lab – quarterly releases of new Workouts and additional Endurance Movements to expand the workout variety for your classes and monthly Q&A sessions with your MYMOVES Mentor.


All kind of promotion material will be available for you to use as a MYMOVES instructor. We will provide you guidelines, flyers, business cards and workbooks on request.


MYMOVES is an on-beat training and we provide you our specially designed audio concept that allows you to create an interaction between the movements and the music.

 Education System 

Our MYMOVES Education System has different levels. Each level grants you access to new teaching opportunities. To maintain the quality your knowledge level should be regularly refreshed and expanded.

What they’re saying

MYMOVES testimonials

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Dr. med. Dent. Platon Portmann


Why do I like MYMOVES? Because I only have 1 hour a day left for sports, and this MYMOVES hour contains everything I need: yoga, my boost sweat and meditative deceleration at the end! Intensity is variable and I can decide myself if I go all in. Simply a great concept.

Manuela Neddermeyer

Yoga Teacher and Inside Yoga Studio Manager

All Inside Yogis are enthusiastic about the dynamic and explosive movements of the
of the martial art. MYMOVES, a unique movement concept, powerful and flowing
with a balanced mix of mobility, strength and endurance elements.
Creative and meditative, grounding and flowing, a healthy connection of body and mind, simply great!

Mike Brawanski

Manager TINT GmbH

For me MYMOVES delivers a very special energy. In my first class, I was overwhelmed by this energy and I could see that everyone else in the room felt it too! And this is what what makes this movement concept so special for me.