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Welcome to our MYMOVES Community Lab – a place that has been created in order to share the passion for movement. This space gives you the possibility to exchange with the community, to practice together and that enables common development through Q&A sessions.

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Our Community Lab is your e-learning platform designed to provide you with a space where you can interact with your community over and over again, where we want to practice together, and which gives you the opportunity to participate in monthly Q&A sessions with your mentor.

As a MYMOVES Instructor and member of our community we offer you an exclusive access to our Community Lab. This platform provides you with a wide range of opportunities to develop yourself – whether through quarterly releases of new Workouts and additional Endurance Movements that we will practice together to expand the workout variety for your classes or through monthly Q&A sessions with your MYMOVES Mentor. Use our Community Lab to exchange ideas with other instructors or to continuously work on your own practice.

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Check our YouTube Channel and learn more about the training concept on a theoretical level while putting the knowledge directly into practice. Our workout videos are divided by topics, giving you the chance to view and try out all phases and sequences in detail.

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Eunice Isselbacher

Store Manager of lululemon Store Frankfurt

The first MYMOVES class was absolutely amazing! The combination of yoga and martial arts is just right for those who want to feel grounded and energized at the same time after a session. The variety in different stages and the accompanying music, help to fully engage with the concept. Alexey teaches in a way that is encouraging, motivating and challenging to push your limits. MYMOVES is special because it combines two very different communities and activities that work extremely well together.

Win Silvester

Med. Ayurveda-Specialist (EAA) and Athletic- and Mentalcoach

For me MYMOVES combines the best of martial arts and yoga. Yoga leads you back to yourself, you deal intensively with yourself, on a physical, mental and emotional level. Martial Arts is the conscious engagement with this very level, especially adversity and challenge. MYMOVES perfectly combines both worlds. Through the body, the intense stresses alternating with phases of recharging and reflection lead to a new form of strength, security, stability and flexibility. The music provides an organic flow that makes the movements just flow. In addition, Alexey invites you to develop your own style with MYMOVES. This leads you naturally back to yourself. MYMOVES is suitable for every fitness level and is also simply fun.

Mike Brawanski

Manager TINT GmbH

For me MYMOVES delivers a very special energy. In my first class, I was overwhelmed by this energy and I could see that everyone else in the room felt it too! And this is what what makes this movement concept so special for me.

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